Tuition & Financial Aid


From the Alexander Muss High School in Israel website 

The AMHSI tuition fees cover the academic program, field trips, entrance fees, ground transportation, room and board, basic medical insurance, campus service fees, on-campus health care, internet access, student dorm activities, and laundry services. 

There is a $250 non-refundable registration fee. 

There is a 3.0% credit card convenience fee for all transactions. 

Domestic and international airfare between the United States and Israel is not included in the price of the program. All participants are required to take one of the AMHSI chaperoned group flights on the way to and from Israel and the United States.  

School Year Program Payments 

Tuition Deposit – $2000 early bird (deposit must be made 12 months prior to departure) $2,500 required upon acceptance to hold the student’s spot on the program. 

All tuition payments are non-refundable.  


Financial Aid 

URJ Heller High is a once in a lifetime experience, we are therefore committed to helping teens and their families afford to be a part of this outstanding program. We will work with you and help as much as we can to overcome any financial obstacles.  

We are deeply indebted to our many donor families whose generosity has made it possible for hundreds and hundreds of high school students to have this extraordinary immersive experience in Israel. 

As a part of our collaboration with Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), need-based scholarship requests are processed through AMHSI. Please note that to apply for a Heller High scholarship you must register and begin a fundraising campaign with Dream Israel – more information below. 

Please make sure our Heller High Associate Director is aware that you are applying for a HH scholarship, and they will provide assistance.

additional places to explore for Financial Aid : 

Your community: Rabbis, synagogues, men’s clubs, and sisterhoods are often able provide scholarships for programs to Israel.

    • Occasionally applicants can receive stipends in advance of their trip to Israel in exchange for a time commitment to work in their local synagogue, Hebrew school, or youth program upon the student’s return from Israel. You may want to contact your rabbi or youth director regarding this possibility.
    • Some synagogues offer scholarships to the grandchildren of congregants – no matter where the grandchild lives. Check it out!

Dream Israel: By fundraising for a Jewish National Fund project in Israel, you are eligible for up to $7,500 in grants toward Heller High tuition. Select Heller High as your trip provider, pick your Jewish National Fund-USA project, meet your fundraising goal, and receive your grant. Learn more.

Local Jewish Federations and Community Foundations often provide scholarships and/or matching grants to participants for programs in Israel. Here is an example of such sources. (Please note that it is not exhaustive and may not be fully up to date.)

Opportunities for residents of Washington State

Plant Your Way to Israel: The Jewish National Fund offers a unique opportunity to earn money for covering your Israel-trip related expenses by selling trees.

Your local Jewish agency: Remember to check your local Jewish agency to determine if you have put aside money in Passport-to-Israel or SKIP type programs.