Semester in Israel Program for Jewish High School Students

Immerse yourself in the richness of the land, culture, people and history of Israel, all while earning high school credit.




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  • Visiting the Ein Kerem Neighborhood

    By Aurora Mercer, fall 2019 student Recently, our class traveled close to our home at Kibbutz Tzuba, visiting churches in Jeusalem’s Ein Kerem neighborhood. Before entering these churches, I didn’t expect what I learned, saw, or even heard would impact my Jewish identity. I had been to churches before, even during mass, and had always […]

  • Herodian Mansions and Southern Wall Excavations

    By Lila Herzig, Fall 2019 student When learning about Jewish history in religious school, a majority of my education focused on the Torah and the Holocaust. All of that space between the two was only covered in my seventh-grade year. I knew two things: the Torah is stories, and the Holocaust is living-memory history. The […]


To Inspire in our students, the future leaders and members of Reform Judaism, a commitment to and deep love of North American Judaism, the Jewish People and the State of Israel.



URJ Heller High achieves this mission by elevating and deepening our students’ knowledge of and connection to Jewish history, Judaism, Zionism and the modern State of Israel. With Israel as our classroom, we build a dynamic learning environment where formal instruction, experiential learning and travel combine to bring Jewish living and learning to life. Our skilled and engaging teachers create an inclusive community that fosters the development of future lay and professional leaders for Reform Judaism.

With over 3,500 alumni since its founding in 1961, URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE) is the most experienced and most trusted high school in Israel program for meaningful Jewish learning, spiritual experiences, personal growth, and academic success.