Semester in Israel Program for Jewish High School Students

Immerse yourself in the richness of the land, culture, people and history of Israel, all while earning high school credit.




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Latest Updates

  • $1,000 Discount Announced for Fall 2019

    The Fall semester of this program presents a unique opportunity for students: they get to celebrate High Holidays and Hanukkah together; build a very close, tight-knit community; and experience the beauty of autumn in Israel as they hike, climb, swim and explore.

  • Just Like Me: Meeting Israeli Students from Brenner High School

    Nobody said that moving halfway across the world for four months would be easy. During my first couple weeks at URJ Heller High, the new challenges that I faced forced me to mature and reach out of my comfort zone. Adapting to such a unique environment can be a difficult task for some, but the opportunities that the program provides make it easier for us to adjust to our new home. One of these opportunities was our trip to visit Israeli students at Brenner High School.