Summer on the Road

It’s that time of year again: grades are in, transcripts are done, and the classrooms at Kibbutz Tzuba are quiet. But the summer is still eventful and fully packed for our senior staff, some of whom will be working with our partner program, NFTY in Israel.

In addition, Rabbi Loren Sykes (school principal) and David Solomon (assistant principal) will be touring around to a number of our URJ Camps meeting and engaging with alumni and prospective students alike.

Summer 2019 Camp Tour Schedule

June 20: David at Greene Family Camp

June 23: David at Camp Newman

June 29: David at Jacobs Camp

July 1: David at GUCI

July 7: David at Camp George

July 10: David at Camp Kalsman

July 13: David at Camp Harlam

July 16: Loren at Jacobs Camp

July 17: David at Eisner & Crane Lake Camps

July 18: Loren at GUCI

July 19: Loren at OSRUI

July 23: Loren at Camp Newman

July 28: Loren at Coleman

July 30: Loren at Camp Harlam

July 31: Loren at Crane Lake Camp

August 1: Loren at Eisner Camp


Announcing a New Heller High Partnership

By Rabbi Rick Jacobs, URJ President We are writing to share the exciting news that the URJ Heller High school has entered into a partnership with Jewish National Fund-USA's Alexander Muss High School in Israel (Muss). Beginning this fall, URJ Heller High will take...

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English Class With Barry

Not every class at Heller High is oriented around Judaism. Students continue their general studies from back in the United States as well. I was most interested to see how an English course functioned in this unique environment, since I was a teacher of literature...

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Heller High Successfully Achieves Re-Accreditation

Quotes from committee: we have found the Heller HS to be an exemplary educational family, community, and facility The high level of continuity in staffing and leadership results in a high standard for planning and executing classes and activities, including half and...

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“Why don’t you try NFTY?”

Growing up in South Africa, from the time I was about eight years old, I was a member of Habonim; a Zionist youth movement. This was the time of Apartheid, and as my awareness grew, I found that I identified less and less with the country in which I was living. With...

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Masada: Then and Now

By Yael Lewis, Jewish History Teacher We have just officially completed the third full week of classes at Heller High! Last week ended with a bang for me. Right before another jam-packed week ended and the fun weekend started for the group in Eilat, we had a tiyul, a...

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