Taking standardized tests is an important aspect of preparing for college. URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE) is proud to offer students the opportunity to take the PSAT, SAT, and AP Exams right at our home at Kibbutz Tzuba, and we can arrange for students to take the ACT in Jerusalem. We also offer prep courses for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests.

The PSAT will be given on the URJ Heller High campus in October. There is nothing students need to do in advance to take this. URJ Heller High is a PSAT testing center and administers the exam on campus. Exam fees will be invoiced by URJ Heller High directly to the students' accounts and a bill sent to parents. As the results need to be sent to your high school, please make certain that you bring your home school's test code number to Israel as well as your Social Security Number.

If you require any special accommodations, be sure to speak with your high school Guidance Counselor in advance of coming to Israel. Your Guidance Counselor will work in cooperation with College Board professionals to provide the necessary documentation.

The SAT and the SAT Subject Tests are given in Israel on Sundays rather than during Shabbat on Saturdays. Students on the Fall semester generally take the SAT in December while students on the Spring semester generally take it in May. High School Seniors who are planning to attend URJ Heller High's Fall Semester should take theses exams before coming to Israel.

If you plan to take either the SAT or SAT Subject Tests while in Israel: You must register for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests before you leave for Israel in order to make certain that there is space. You must register online through the College Board's website. Fill out the registration form carefully, noting that you will take the test in a foreign country (there is an additional charge by the College Board for this service).

You must apply to take the exam at URJ Heller High at Kibbutz Tzuba, and register for the Saturday test date (but be advised that in Israel these tests are given only on a Sunday and no Rabbi letter is required for this arrangement.) Our testing center code is 74-423. As the results need to be sent to your home high school, make certain that you bring your high school code number and your Social Security Number to Israel. For specific answers concerning the SAT or the SAT Subject Tests, please refer to the Educational Testing Service website.

Please remember that students cannot take the SAT and a Subject Test on the same day, however, it is possible to take several SAT Subject Tests on the same day.

Students can take the ACT during the semester at the ACT testing site in Jerusalem. You must register and make full payment on-line for the ACT exam before you leave for Israel in order to secure a testing spot.

These courses are designed to familiarize students with the exams so that when they sit for the actual tests, they feel comfortable with both the style of the exams as well as the material being tested. Through extensive review, students will learn how to understand and identify exam questions in order to provide correct answers more quickly. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of the courses and encourage you to sign up, even if you are not taking the exam while in Israel.

During the Fall semester, we offer a 15 hour PSAT prep course. This course is offered for a cost of $150.

URJ Heller High offers both SAT and ACT prep courses which provide a thorough preparation for the SAT exam. In order not to place the entire burden on the families, the program absorbs half the cost of the SAT or ACT prep course. As a result, we are able to offer the courses at a cost of only $200 (or $100 if a student decides to take only Math or only English).

The SAT course consists of approximately 40 hours of instruction, divided equally between Math and English, during which the students are familiarized with all aspects of the exam. The ACT course is also 40 hours and covers the English, Math, and Science sections in various proportions, with emphasis placed on the aspects of the exam in which the students need the most assistance. Classes are kept small with a low student-to-teacher ratio to give students personal attention to meet their needs and increase their scores. The courses take place during regular class hours.

URJ Heller High is an AP testing center and exams are administered on campus in May. If you plan to take an AP exam, your parents will be contacted in March regarding ordering and payment. Please note that AP exams given outside of the US are significantly more expensive. You must have a B or above in order to take the AP exam in Israel. There is nothing you need to do in advance to register for the AP exams. Our Bursar will bill you for the cost of the exam after you have taken it.
URJ Heller High will be happy to help students from New York State prepare for the Regent Examinations. Students must bring a copy of the practice book with them to Israel.