URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE) is for Jewish High School students in grades 10 through 12. Heller High is an intensive academic program and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. All instruction is conducted in English with the exception of the Hebrew Ulpan (intensive Hebrew program).

The educational structure of the program includes small classes and small group tutorials ensuring that students fulfill the requirements of their home high schools, while fully immersed in the study of the history, culture and land of Israel. At the conclusion of the program, students receive an official transcript that is recognized by their home high schools. Our Director of Admissions and staff work closely with parents and schools to plan a special curriculum that fits into every participant's academic schedule of required courses. Students can arrange to take Advanced Placement, PSAT, and SAT examinations while in Israel. If a student is pursuing an IB diploma, we recommend they come to Heller High for a semester during their sophomore year.

Please be sure to consult the URJ Heller High Program-Course Catalogue, which contains a complete listing of courses at Heller High. All applicants should bring a copy of this document to your home high school when discussing the program with guidance counselors or teaching staff. Please be aware that Heller High requires you to provide us with a copy of the syllabus from your home high school for each of your general studies classes. We will use these to ensure that you learn in Israel exactly what you would have learned at home.

Israel: Land, Culture and People 210 classroom hours per semester Includes 25 field trips

Hebrew Language Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced 100 classroom hours per semester and 30 field hours per semester

Physical Education 5 hours per week, earned through field trips

English Language and Comparative Literature 5 classroom hours per week (unless English requirement has been fulfilled)

In accordance with our desire to utilize technological advances and give each student the educational experience best tailored to suit their needs, while maintaining our commitment to high academic standards, since the Spring 2012 semester, URJ Heller High has offered a number of courses online. In the past, parents have incurred significant expense when we have had to bring teachers out for one class with a student who is taking an unusual course. The introduction of this new technology has significantly reduced the cost of these private courses and has also given us access to teachers who would not have been able to come to Tzuba.

These courses are conducted live with a teacher and use online conference facilities to ensure effective interaction between teacher and student. The platform used includes a whiteboard which both teachers and students can write on, with the results immediately visible to all. It also has a system for both sides to upload assignments, reading material, homework, etc. which teacher and student can access simultaneously and discuss.

The courses given online are one-on-one or one-on-two, so that the students are always actively engaged in the lesson and there is a meaningful dialogue between student and teacher. Another advantage is that all the lessons are recorded and are available to the students afterwards for review. This also means that if a student is ill, or misses a lesson for any other reason, he or she can view the lesson as soon as it is convenient.

Heller High currently uses two companies to provide these online services. Both companies supply these services to schools in Israel and the USA. The service is especially useful for students who have courses which are not standard and for whom bringing out a teacher especially for them might not be feasible or could be very expensive.

If you don't see a class listed here, we may be able to provide private tutorials for an additional fee. Please contact Director of Admissions, Robin Kulwin, at rkulwin@urj.org for more information.
English Regular Honors
English 10 R H
English 11 R H
English 12 R H
AP English Language
AP English Literature
Math Regular Honors
Geometry R H
Algebra II R H
Trigonometry R H
Pre-Calculus R H
Calculus R H
AP Calculus AB, BC
Science Regular Honors
Biology R H
AP Biology
Chemistry R H
AP Chemistry
Physics R H
AP Physics 1,2
Environmental Science R H
AP Environmental Science
Social Science Regular Honors
World History R H
AP World History
AP European History
U.S. History R H
AP U.S. History
U.S. Government R H
AP U.S. Government
Economics R H
AP Economics Macro, Micro
AP Psychology
Foreign Language Regular Honors
Spanish II R H
Spanish III R H
Spanish IV R H
AP Spanish Language
French II R H
French III R H
French IV R H
AP French Language