On URJ Heller High, you'll find your life enriched, fulfilled, and nourished. Spend a semester in Israel among close friends, inspiring teachers, and a beautiful natural landscape with abundant options for recreation, entertainment, and community involvement.

When you are not in class or on trips, you will find plenty to do at your home on Kibbutz Tzuba: swimming in the pool, playing sports, lounging at the café, or relaxing on your private balcony.

Nestled in the beautiful Judean Hills, fifteen minutes from Jerusalem, Kibbutz Tzuba provides a safe and enriching environment and a dynamic Israeli community for our students, with ideal facilities for learning, comfortable living, and enriching education.

Kibbutz Tzuba provides a safe and secure living environment and ideal classroom space for academic programming in a picturesque environment. Students reside in the Kibbutz guest suites, with four students per room with a private bathroom. The guest house facilities include lounges for relaxation, a snack bar, a Kibbutz store, and full recreational facilities (swimming pool, basketball court, and tennis court). Students eat in Kibbutz Tzuba’s kosher dining room, and each bedroom has a refrigerator, hotpot, and microwave.

URJ Heller High students become an integral part of a dynamic community. Students learn about kibbutz egalitarian values and culture at Tzuba, and while visiting the Reform Kibbutzim Yahel and Lotan in the Negev Desert.

School classrooms are located close to the student’s dorm rooms on Kibbutz Tzuba. Small in size, they provide a personal learning environment which encourages interactions between students and their teachers. They are equipped with everything necessary to foster student learning, including Wi-Fi and air conditioning. In the Heller Family Library and Science Lab, students can complete their science lab requirements with the appropriate equipment. The library side enables Heller High to store textbooks and other resource material in its own building. In addition to housing books, the library acts as a resource room. There is a librarian on staff to help students with research projects.

The Zula, or Student Lounge, is centrally located near the chadar ochel (dining hall), the classrooms, and the dorm rooms. The Zula is used for group meetings, class discussions, services, and social programs, as well as a place for students to hang out, study, and relax.


The Belmont Hotel at Kibbutz Tzuba is the place Heller High students call home for the semester. The Belmont has a beautiful lobby. This facility has a café, meeting rooms, lounge area, piano, tables, and a balcony that overlooks the beautiful Judean Hills. students can often be found here enjoying a coffee, studying, and relaxing.


The Kosher Dining Hall, or chadar ochel, on Kibbutz Tzuba services the families on Kibbutz Tzuba, Heller High students, and other guests of the hotel. Because of this, the quality and selection is superb! Each nutritious and delicious meal presents students with a myriad of choices. There are always a few main dishes and a wide variety of salads served with each meal.


The Markolit, or supermarket on Kibbutz Tzuba is open to students as well as Kibbutz members. Here, students can buy snacks, basic school supplies, and toiletries.


Recreation facilities abound on Kibbutz Tzuba. Heller High students enjoy using the beautiful outdoor swimming pool, available in season. They love the basketball court, have ultimate Frisbee tournaments, and set up matches on the tennis courts.

Students live in Kibbutz Tzuba’s two room suites, which offer a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and an outdoor porch with a beautiful view of the Judean hills.

Four students per suite, two students are housed in the bedroom which has two closets and a variety of different shelves and two students are housed in the front portion of the room. To help divide the storage space, each student is also provided several sets of drawers to store their belongings, as well as shelves to store their books and study materials.

The front room has a couch for relaxing, table and chairs for studying and eating, and a television. The kitchenette, located at the end of the common room, contains a small refrigerator, sink, microwave, and tea kettle, cups, plates, and silverware.

The dorms rooms also have housekeeping which cleans several times a week, changes sheets, and provides clean towels.