Starting the conversation with the school guidance counselor can be tough. Often, there are a lot of questions and details that need to be sorted out before the school agrees to work with you towards your goal of a semester in Israel. Below are questions frequently asked by guidance counselors during the first meeting about spending a semester URJ Heller High (Formerly NFTY-EIE). The more information you have going into your first meeting, the easier it will be to explain why this program is such an amazing opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is this an established program?
A: URJ Heller High was established as NFTY-EIE in 1961 and has been fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools for over twenty years.
URJ Heller High School Profile 2020-2021

Q: What is the academic environment at Heller High?
A: Heller High is an intensive academic program. It is not an exchange program. Students are in small classes and get individual attention. College counseling is available, students can take the PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, and AP exams

Q: Don’t students need to know Hebrew to participate?
A: All instruction is conducted in English with the exception of Hebrew language and any other foreign language instruction.

Q: Our school teaches [insert class here] a little differently than other schools. Will Heller High be able to accommodate those changes?
A: Heller High requires a copy of the syllabus for each general studies course from the students’ home high school. These are used to ensure that the student will learn in Israel exactly what they would have learned at home.

Q: Can Heller High provided honors and advance classes?
A: The Heller High staff work closely to plan a special curriculum that fits into every participant’s academic schedule of required courses. Heller High offers a wide array of courses including Honors and AP and is capable of teaching most any course.

Q: Will this program look good on a college application?
A: Heller High is a high quality, rigorous academic program, that is looked upon very favorably by colleges and universities as our alumni stand out for having successfully spent a semester in a foreign country, demonstrated independence, intellectual curiosity, and maturity.

Q: When will the school receive a transcript from Heller High?
A: Official transcripts are issued at end of the semester. Each student will receive one for their home high school and one for their personal records.

Q: Is there a quick, comprehensive overview of the program?
A: Yes! Check out our 'URJ Heller High at a Glance' page.