Each semester, we host a conference call for all of our participants and parents. We have found it is an important way to share with students, parents, and prospective applicants, Heller High's plans for the upcoming semester. We hope that you will join us as the Conference Call is a wonderful opportunity for Heller High staff to respond to questions about the application process, the academics, and the actual program in Israel. Rabbi Loren Sykes, the URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE) Principal, David Solomon, the Heller High Assistant Principal, and Robin Kulwin, the Director of Admissions for Heller High speak to the entire group. In addition, a recent alum and their parents join to answer questions and share their experience and knowledge of the program.

We discuss the following topics:

  • Goals and expectations
  • An overview of the itinerary
  • The health, safety and security protocols
  •  The academic program
  • ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams
  • Touring elements
  • The Europe trip
  • Living at Kibbutz Tzuba

The conference call for a Fall semester typically occurs in mid-May and the conference call prior to a Spring semester typically occurs in mid-November. Detailed information is sent to all applicants prior to the call.

Spring 2021 Informational Webinar (Recorded 10/19/2020, 11:00am ET)