Step 1
Begin the online application. Follow the online registration instructions

Step 2

Upload your photo to the online application. 

Step 3
Share a copy of Share a copy of Heller High at a Glance with you guidance counselor and make an appointment to meet and discuss your courses. Ask that they complete the online Guidance Counselor recommendation Form with a copy of your most recent transcript attached, provide a copy of your most recent IEP or 504, if applicable, and complete either the  Semester Study Authorization Form or the Semester Study Authorization Form for Canadian Students Only.

Step 4
Ask your Rabbi to complete and return the online Rabbinical Recommendation.

Step 5
Have your physician complete the Medical Exam Form, including immunization history.

Step 6
Fill out the forms that can only be completed online: Israel Program Survey (student), Online Health History (parent), and Passport Information.

Step 7
Print the B'rit Kehillah (Code of Conduct) and Release Letter and Final Waiver - read, sign and upload the signature pages to your online application.

Step 8
Write your essay and fill out as much of the Hebrew Questionnaire as you can.

Step 9
Make an appointment with the Director of Admissions for a phone interview!