Step 1
Begin the online application. Follow the online registration instructions

Step 2

Upload your photo to the online application. 

Step 3
Make an appointment to meet with your guidance counselor and share a copy of Heller High at a Glance with them. Ask that they complete the Semester Study Authorization Form or if applicable, the Semester Study Authorization Form for Canadian Students Only, complete and return the online Guidance Counselor recommendation Form with a copy of your most recent transcript attached.

Step 4
Ask your Rabbi to complete and return the online Rabbinical Recommendation.

Step 5
Have your physician complete the Medical Exam Form, including immunization history.

Step 6
Fill out the forms that can only be completed online: Israel Program Survey (student), Online Health History (parent), and Passport Information.

Step 7
Print the B'rit Kehillah (Code of Conduct) and Release Letter and Final Waiver - read, sign and upload the signature pages to your online application.

Step 8
Write your essay and fill out as much of the Hebrew Questionnaire as you can.

Step 9
Make an appointment with the Director of Admissions for a phone interview!