Blog  What Our Spring 2019 Parents Said

What Our Spring 2019 Parents Said

Last week, the Spring 2019 semester of URJ Heller High returned from four incredible months in Israel. As our students returned to their homes across North America, we heard so many beautiful words of reflection from their parents.

Below is a sampling of what the parents of Spring 2019 had to say.

“Words are not enough to express the gratitude that we feel to all of you at Heller High for taking our children, helping us to foster their identities, showing them our beautiful homeland, giving them the experience of a lifetime, caring for them, and keeping them safe.”

“Heartfelt thanks to you and your entire staff for the extraordinary experience you’ve given our children. You nurtured, protected and enlightened them every step of the way and we will always be incredibly grateful.”

“Thank you for the overall incredible experience that our daughter was able to participate in. The leadership was phenomenal and the kids a fabulous, cohesive group with caring support. I know the child I sent to your care; it will be interesting to get to know the more mature child that we receive home. We will be connected for ever more by her experience under your care, direction and leadership. Thank you.”

“This is our second child to attend Heller High. Can’t say enough about the experience, ALL the staff involved, and the impact on our kids/students! Thank you for creating such an incredible program and for the wonderful support throughout.”

“My heart is full of gratitude to the amazing staff of Heller High. The changes that I have experienced in my son just through our phone conversations has been incredible. I share with my Heller High family that my goals for him were to develop a connection to Israel, give him an experience that will last a lifetime, and to take time to just be a 16 year old teen. My goals have been achieved.”

“Thank you to Rabbi Loren and every single person who embraced my daughter, guided her and pushed her to engage and thrive! I look forward to seeing how she will use her experiences to make Jewish choices and further deepen her Jewish connections!”


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