Blog  10 Fun Facts about the Spring 2019 Madrichim

10 Fun Facts about the Spring 2019 Madrichim

Spring 2019 departs in just a few days, and our staff in Israel are hard at work getting ready for the arrival of our newest students. Six of those staff are our wonderful  Madrichim (counselors)–Nitzan, Mili, and Omri. Our Heller High Madrichim play a crucial role in the success of a semester. They are the staff who interact the most with our students–planning programs, accompanying them on all trips, and serving as mentors and advisors to them during their four months in Israel.

10 Fun Facts about the Spring 2019 Madrichim

From left: Nitzan, Amit, Bar, Adva, Lotan, Omri


  1. Bar and Amit are both alumni of Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE); they were students on the Spring 2014 semester!

  2. Nitzan is a returning Heller High madricha–she also staffed the Fall 2018 semester!

  3. Lotan worked as a counselor and Adventure staff at URJ Jacobs Camp

  4. Adva once worked in an avocado orchard on a kibbutz

  5. Omri plays table tennis in a professional league

  6. Bar was a medic of the staff of the Medical School of the IDF

  7. During her IDF service, Amit was a tank instructor specializing in combat intelligence

  8. Nitzan and Adva are both from a small village called Pardes Hannah (near Haifa)

  9. During his IDF service, Omri served in a specialized combat unit

  10. Lotan did a year of community service as a tour guide in Jerusalem before beginning his IDF service