Blog  The Accomplishments of URJ Heller High

The Accomplishments of URJ Heller High

Sixty-two teens who came from 17 different states and provinces and over 40 congregations are returning to their hometowns across North America. They will return to their families, friends and congregations bursting with excitement and a desire to share their experiences with anyone who will listen. They have had a myriad of opportunities to grow and meet challenges that most young people face only upon arrival on a college campus. They have:

  • Lived away from home for four months at Kibbutz Tzuba and in environments throughout Israel
  • Worked hard to gain command of the Hebrew language
  • Immersed themselves in ancient and modern Jewish history and discovered their own place in our story
  • Came together with a “family” of students to create a living Reform Jewish community while celebrating the Jewish calendar and expressing their own religious and spiritual feelings
  • Fulfilled and excelled at all of Heller High’s academic requirements in addition to those of their home high schools.
  • Experienced the opportunity to make personal decisions and developed a sense of independence and pride of accomplishment
  • Strived to determine what Israel and Zionism mean to them in the context of their Reform Judaism and their personal lives as young North Americans
  • Explored the myriad of challenges that Israel and the Jewish people face and their role in building a future
  • Been Inspired to explore their Jewish identity from many perspectives