Blog  Machane Yehuda Market aka Your Favorite Shuk

Machane Yehuda Market aka Your Favorite Shuk

Jillian Sturim, a Fall 2016 student is a junior from Burke, Virginia. She is a member of Temple B’nai Shalom, a participant of NFTY-MAR and has been a camper at URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech.

מחנה יהודה שוק or the Machane Yehuda Market is in the center of Jerusalem. It is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Jerusalem called נחלאות or Nachlaot. This neighborhood brings together Ashkenazi, Mezrachi, and, Sephardi Jews. The courtyards and traditions may separate these groups, but they are closer together then ever before. After many years of living together as neighbors did the different groups start to share events and marry each other. This collection of cultures built the foundation of the Shuk or market. The market is a place for all people. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old if you are orthodox or secular everyone comes to the Shuk for good deals on delicious food. You can walk under the opaque cover and weave around to witness  people haggling on either side. The smell of  shwarma cooking, fresh spices, or some new food a vendor is selling keeps your head turning. The cacophony of prices and offers in several languages becomes background music after a few minutes of looking at fresh produce, local fish, home made cheese and halva, just baked rugelach, pita, hummus, and delicious falafel. The Shuk is my favorite place in Jerusalem because it brings everyone together for something really Israeli: good food and friendly haggling.

-Jillian Sturim, Fall 2016

Photo Credit: Brian Smith, Father of Fall 2016 student Tanner