Blog  Parents’ Pilgrimage: A Letter from a Fall 2016 Parent

Parents’ Pilgrimage: A Letter from a Fall 2016 Parent

Each semester we invite parents and family members to visit Israel for an inspiring ten day trip known as the Parents’ Pilgrimage.  Families get to spend meaningful time with the students at Kibbutz Tzuba, meet our faculty and madrichim, attend special tiyulim (field trips) as well as discover our unique learning environment. Visitors also have the opportunity to celebrate Shabbat at the Kibbutz and at reform synagogues in Israel. It truly is a wonderful way for you to visit your children while seeing the Jewish homeland.

Gary Wolinetz, the father of Fall 2016 student Steven Wolinetz recently returned from the Parent’s Pilgrimage and wrote the following letter about the experience:

I am writing to tell you how pleased I was after visiting my son, Steven, at the Parents’ Pilgrimage. The staff and educators were fantastic. The program far exceeded my expectations. I sat in on Steven’s Jewish History, American History and English classes on several occasions and was very impressed with both the preparation of the teachers, their mastery of the material and how well they interacted with the class. I particularly liked the way the program incorporated the material with trips and guest speakers. David Solomon and Rabbi Sykes were a pleasure to deal with answered all of my questions. The counselors were very helpful and worked well with the kids. I have nothing but positive things to say.

A special word about Yael. Herding a group of parents through Israel is not an easy job. But she was fantastic, both as a tour guide and organizing our lives in Israel. I learned a lot from her tours that I did not learn in two prior trips to Israel. Yael was a pleasure to deal with.

Best wishes,
Gary, father of Steven Wolinetz, Fall 2016