Blog  Spring 2017 Registration Update

Spring 2017 Registration Update

Registration for NFTY-EIE’s Spring 2017 semester is running at a tremendous pace. Over 40 students have already registered, which is nearly double what we had this time last year. As usual, the Spring 2017 semester is shaping up to be a very diverse group. Some great facts about our students includes:

  • 14 sophomores, 26 juniors, and one senior
  • Alumni of seven different URJ camps
    • URJ Camp Newman: 12
    • URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby (OSRUI): 4
    • URJ Eisner Camp: 3
    • URJ Camp George: 2
    • URJ Camp Harlam: 1
    • URJ Crane Lake Camp: 1
    • URJ 6 Points Sports Academy: 1
  • 14 students who hold a leadership position in their synagogue or regional youth group
  • Students come from 33 different congregations (25 URJ synagogues)
  • 9 different NFTY regions
    • NFTY Central West (CWR): 9
    • NFTY Garden Empire Region (GER): 1
    • NFTY Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR): 1
    • NFTY New York Area (NAR): 4
    • NFTY Northeast Lakes (NEL): 2
    • NFTY Northeast (NE): 1
    • NFTY Northern (NO): 1
    • NFTY Pennsylvania Area (PAR): 2
    • NFTY Southern California (SOCAL): 2

Although the Spring 2017 semester does not begin for over six months, it is not too early to apply. Departure day will be here sooner before we all know!

This summer, EIE Principal Rabbi Loren Sykes, and EIE Assistant Principal David Solomon, have been traveling all across North America, visiting the URJ’s camps. They have been meeting dozens and dozens of interested students, catching up with alumni, and enjoying the atmosphere at our camps.

Know someone interested in a future semester of NFTY-EIE? Please contact us at or give us a call at 212-650-4095.