Blog  Fall 2016 Registration Update

Fall 2016 Registration Update

We are thrilled to announce that registration for NFTY-EIE’s Fall 2016 semester is running strong. Thirty-three students have already registered, up over 10% from this time last year. This is a very diverse group. It includes:

Kids from 14 states and countries. These include seven from California, five from New Jersey and New York, three from Illinois, two from Massachusetts, Texas, and Virginia, and even one student from Australia! Some other great information about our students includes:

  • Four sophomores, 20 juniors, and nine seniors
  • Alumni of 11 different URJ camps, including our first ever from URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy!
    • URJ Eisner Camp: 4
    • URJ Camp Harlam: 4
    • URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI): 3
    • URJ Goldman Union Camp Institute (GUCI): 3
    • URJ Camp Newman: 3
    • URJ Kutz Camp: 3
    • URJ Crane Lake Camp: 1
    • URJ Greene Family Camp: 1
    • URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy: 1
    • URJ 6 Points Sports Academy: 1
  • 14 students who hold a leadership position in their synagogue or regional youth group
  • Students come from 31 different congregations (27 URJ synagogues)
  • 12 different NFTY regions
    • NFTY Central West Region (CWR): 4
    • NFTY Chicago (CAR): 1
    • NFTY Garden Empire Region (GER): 5
    • NFTY Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR): 2
    • NFTY Missouri Valley (MV): 3
    • NFTY New York Area (NAR): 1
    • NFTY Northeast Lakes (NEL): 1
    • NFTY Northeast (NE): 2
    • NFTY Northwest (NW): 1
    • NFTY Ohio Valley (OV): 1
    • NFTY Southern California (SOCAL): 2
    • NFTY Texas Oklahoma (TOR): 1

The Fall 2016 group leaves in less than two months, and the students are already preparing. Many are at camp as counselors in training, and others are at home working summer jobs. Departure day will be here sooner before we all know!

Know someone interested in a future semester of NFTY-EIE? Please contact us at or give us a call at 212-650-4095.