Blog  10 Great Reasons to Study on NFTY-EIE High School in Israel

10 Great Reasons to Study on NFTY-EIE High School in Israel

What makes NFTY-EIE High School in Israel such an amazing program? Here are ten great reasons why!

IMG_55071. Develop a greater understanding of your personal Jewish identity and a deeper love of Israel and the Jewish people

2. Experience thousands of years of Jewish History as you explore Israel border to border and sea to sea

3. Learn to speak Hebrew in a fun, interactive environment as you immerse yourself in Israeli culture

4. Share the experience with students from across North America, develop meaningful friendships, and have the most incredible journey of your life

5. Travel on a moving and emotional pilgrimage to Poland

IMG_16886. Make the beautiful Kibbutz Tzuba in the Judean Hills your home (just 15 minutes from Jerusalem!)

7. Join a warm and inclusive community and experience Jewish holidays and traditions in new and engaging ways

8. Earn high school and/or college credit for all classes, including AP, IB, and Honors courses

9. Take the SAT/ACT in Israel and prepare with our rigorous preparatory class

10. Be eligible for scholarships from NFTY, with potentially even more funding from your local synagogue and community

Questions? Contact us at or 212-650-4095. You can learn more about EIE or register for an upcoming semester, at our website. To have someone from our office contact you, fill out our Request Information Form.