Blog  A Challenging Hike, but a Symbol of My Strength

A Challenging Hike, but a Symbol of My Strength

Ellie Bogost1Ellie B., a Spring 2016 student, is a junior from Madison, Wisconsin. She is a member of Temple Beth El of Madison and is a participant in NFTY-NO.

Over a ten day break from classes late last month, we had many new and unique experiences. All of us on EIE went to possibly our first Israeli Passover and experienced hiking from sea to sea. The hike, Yam L’Yam, from the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) to the Mediterranean Sea, was very challenging for me, and was like no other camping experience. Of course, camping is not the most comfortable experience, but I also had a terrible cold during the entire trip as well!

While the trip was far from easy, there was something incredible and intriguing about this five day journey. When we hiked up Mount Meron on one of the first days, it was sweltering hot. Although it was beautiful, appreciating the hot hard day up the mountain took some time. As the journey went on, some days were easier, but it was still a mentally challenging trip. It was very easy not to have a positive attitude while hiking but I tried my very best (although, I too, am guilty of complaining).

Ellie Bogost2On the last day of the hike, we rode bikes the rest of the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s just say I was three words: A nervous wreck! I know how to ride a bike but past experiences have scared me so much. Jumping on that bike was terrifying. As I nervously rode down, I saw the Mediterranean Sea span in front of me like the opening of a theater curtain. My nerves turned into a sense of being proud that I had did it, walked from the Kinneret to the Mediterranean. I biked longer, finally reaching the clear blue waters of the beach, spending the day there filled with happiness.

I am writing this blog to not only describe how beautiful it was but to say what I learned from this. EIE has been full of things that have made me truly appreciate Israel and made me reflect on who I am and who I want to become. During these five days, I not only saw Israel’s beauty, but I learned how strong I have become because of EIE. There is still a month left, but I have learned by doing things like this trip here that I am able to learn so much from seeing the world. I have connected everything we have done to not only being a better Jew but a better and stronger person.

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