Blog  Kibbutz Tzuba: A Wonderful Place to Live and Learn

Kibbutz Tzuba: A Wonderful Place to Live and Learn

For the first 30 years of the NFTY-EIE High School in Israel, students lived with Israeli host families. Although this provided many benefits, there were challenges, as well, and the program transitioned to centralized housing for all the students.11229821_10153290415566291_4662826207668727319_n

Beit Shmuel, located right next to Hebrew Union College, in the center of Jerusalem became the new home for all EIE students. With easy access for many of the field trips students take as part of our Jewish History class, this was a great location for the program. EIE made one last move to Kibbutz Tzuba, in 2001. Our program has thrived at this small, close-knit community, located in the Judean Hills, about 15 minutes from Jerusalem. This has proven to be the ideal home for EIE.

Kibbutz Tzuba offers so much to our students. Classes are held in simple, well-equipped classrooms, with a nearby lounge for students to relax and study. (Some students describe the EIE campus as having a camp-like feel!). Students live four to a suite in dorm-room like apartments, with a private bathroom, TV, microwave, and more. There is even housekeeping that helps clean the apartments each week.

IMG_0359Students join kibbutz members to eat three nutritious meals in the kibbutz dining hall. In fact, this is still one of the few kibbutzim in Israel where members regularly eat in a dining hall together. There is a supermarket, health clinic, basketball and tennis courts, and even a swimming pool. Nearby are ancient ruins and beautiful trails.  Many of EIE’s Jewish History field trips are still only a short drive or walk away.

Finally, we are unable to talk about Tzuba without mentioning the tableau. Waking up to the beautiful view in the morning, and ending each day with a stunning sunset, Tzuba creates unique and lifelong memories.

EIE looks forward to welcoming our future classes of students to Tzuba where they will live, see, and experience first-hand the beauty of the kibbutz and the joy of living in Israel!

You can read more about  NFTY-EIE and Student Life at Kibbutz Tzuba at our website.