Blog  NFTY-EIE: A Parent’s Perspective

NFTY-EIE: A Parent’s Perspective

by Ellen J. Baron, NFTY-EIE Parent
Scotch Plains, New Jersey

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse the endless opportunities offered by the EIE program.

As you consider different educational opportunities for your child, I speak firsthand of the unique opportunity this program provides to learn, grow and develop a new sense of self.

Our daughter Dory recently returned from this life-changing experience, and my husband and son spent ten wonderful days with her and the other program participants last fall. As we sat in on some of the classes, I marveled at the dialogue between the faculty and the students. It was as if I was sitting in a college classroom!

In determining whether to send your child overseas, some of you may have safety and/or financial concerns. Rest assured that safety is the number one issue always in the minds of the administration, and there were no incidents while our daughter was there. All trips are highly supervised and the students are trained to regularly communicate between themselves so no one is ever left behind. In these difficult economic times. The program also offers a generous scholarship program to eligible students.

In addition to the classroom experience, weeklong trips to Poland and an Israeli army base add character and emotion to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Four months living on a kibbutz adds to this special experience in independent living.

As you can see, I am an enthusiastic supporter of this program and hope you will give your child this unique opportunity to develop their Jewish identity.

Should you wish to obtain further information from me, please contact EIE and they will forward you questions directly to me.